Molly Collins Artist

About Me

MOLLY COLLINS – Its Truly a passion for painting.

Molly Collins’ paint party events sound like a one-of-a-kind experience. The fact that each event is specially designed for the occasion, whether it be corporate team building, art therapy, or a family holiday party, shows that Molly has a true understanding of her clients’ needs and is able to create a customized experience that will bring joy and creativity to each participant.

The variety of events offered, from weddings to “Date Night” and everything in between, shows that there is something for everyone. Molly’s ability to bring her painting parties to selected venues such as restaurants, taverns, or wineries adds another layer of excitement and fun to the experience.

It’s wonderful to hear that all parties are designed to bring joy and allow participants to discover their creativity, even if they have never picked up a paintbrush before. Molly’s passion for painting and her ability to share that passion with others in a fun and relaxed atmosphere is truly a gift.

Overall, Molly Collins’ paint party events are a unique and inspiring way to bring people together and tap into their creative side. I have no doubt that her events will continue to bring joy and creativity to all who participate.

"The class I took with Molly was great because she is such a great teacher and she works with all of the students! She makes it a fun night!
Lisa Kaye