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Molly Collins, it’s great to hear about your passion for art and your business as an art entertainer. Your “Passion for Painting” paint party events sound like an amazing opportunity for people to tap into their artistic side and enjoy a fun and creative experience.

As an art entertainer, you have the ability to bring people together and provide them with a memorable experience. The opportunity to learn painting techniques and create their own unique piece of art is something that many people may not have the chance to do on their own. By hosting paint party events, you are providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere where people can come together and express their creativity in a unique and exciting way.

I’m sure that your passion for painting and your ability to entertain and engage with your clients is what sets your business apart. It takes a special talent to be able to bring people together and create a fun and memorable experience, and it sounds like you have the skills and passion to do just that.

Keep up the great work, Molly, and continue to inspire people with your love for art and your unique paint party events!

Molly Collins’ journey as an artist is truly inspiring. Her passion for animals and painting is evident in her work and her early success in selling her first piece at just 14 years old is a testament to her talent and dedication.

It’s wonderful to hear that Molly continued to pursue her passion for painting by obtaining a degree and certification in art, and sharing her knowledge and techniques through teaching art classes for both children and adults. Her work as a Naturalist teaching and painting educational murals shows her commitment to sharing her love for wildlife and nature through her art.

It’s amazing that Molly was able to incorporate her children into her artistic adventures, allowing them to experience and appreciate the beauty of nature alongside her. Her work at various nature and discovery centers and for the International Los Angeles Zoo demonstrates the impact her art has had on the community and the importance of using art as a way to educate and inspire others.

Molly Collins is an incredible artist and teacher, and her passion for animals and painting is truly inspiring. I have no doubt that her work will continue to make a positive impact on the world around her.

"The class I took with Molly was great because she is such a great teacher and she works with all of the students! She makes it a fun night!
Lisa Kaye